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Tip: Card Stock Scraps

   Card stock scraps or paper scraps are great to keep so that when you need a small piece you don’t have to  waiste your larger pieces. However we are always asking “how do I store my scraps”? And here is the solution I use that may help you too.  All my card stock are in wooden boxes from Stmp n storage and each color has a slot. Well what I do with my scraps is put them in these Avery Job Ticket Holders, Heavy Gauge Vinyl, 9 x 12 Inches, and then put it in each color slot. That way when I am only looking for a small piece the ticket holders are right there A [Read more…]

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How to Cleaning Your Clear Blocks

How to Cleaning Your Clear Blocks.

     I don’t know about you but my clear blocks get so dirty so here is how I clean mine.

1. If you are just using photo polymer stamps then you can just run your blocks under warm water and dry them with a cloth.
2. If.your stamps are even dirtier you can use hand sanatizer to clean them and then rinse with water and dry.
3. But if you are like I am and add adhesive to your stamps, then you know that you have to clean your blocks all the time. What I do is us stazon cleaner to get all the junk off and then whip them with a damp paper towel and then dry them off.
Hope this helps in keeping your blocks clean.
Always remember bring joy through sending others hand stamped cards.
Stamping Hugs Brenda

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Clear block cleaning

Ever try to get the sticky stuff off your clear blocks?


I had posted before that hand sanitizer can get it off but OMG Stampin’ Ups! stazon cleaner works even better. I just dabbed it on and rubbed with a paper towel, then I washed them with water and dried with a paper towel. They are as clean as the day I bought them. Try it, it works.

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Tips & Ideas

Do you hate using glitter and embossing powder because it makes such a mess?
Well I have the solution.
Do all your glittering or embossing and when you are done take a lint roller to take excess off of your projects and your work
Surface. You can use the disposable ones but even better I use a sticky lint roller that you can rinse off and use again.
Enjoy Brenda

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Tips and ideas

Do you use use clear mount stamps? Do your clear blocks get messy?
Well to clean them use a paper towel and some hand sanitizer. Put the sanitizer on your block and clean with a paper towel. When it looks clean put It under the water to wash off the hand sanitizer. And WALLA you have a clean block.
You can also use this technique to clean your craft mat.
Brenda 🙂

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Glitter Glue Holder

Need a great way to store your glitter glue so it sits tip down? We’ll here is a great idea.
Materials needed:
Box that measures 3 1/2×4,1/2 or you can make your own.
1/2 ” PVC couplings, I got 10 but 12 fit perfect
Mini glue dots
Sticky strip

Box construction
Bottom cut 4 1/2×3 11/2 , 2 sides are 1 1/2×4 1/2 and 2 are 1 1/2×3 1/2 cut out of chip board. Tape together.
Cover with DSP using snail and sticky strip
Put 4 mini glue dots on bottom of the coupling and stick to the inside of the box.
Do this 12 times
And place glue upside down in couplings.


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Time and money saving tip

Do you want to stamp and don’t have the money for stamp cleaner or cleaning pad? Run out of stamp cleaner? You can make your own quick and easy. Take an old towel you don’t use any more and fold it into a square. Then take a spritzer bottle and fill it 3/4 full of water, then add 3 to 4 drops of baby shampoo. ( the travel size is the best to get because you don’t use much). Put in 1 tsp of glycerin ( can be found in the drug store). Put cover on and shake well. Spray on towel ( making Sure you don’t spray yourself HA ! HA!). and clean your stamp by rubbing it back and forth. The shampoo cleans your stamp and the glycerin conditions it.
ENJOY! Brenda

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