Fishing Game

Fishing Game 

     Fishing is fun for kids weather it be a real fish or a fake ones. Make this a learning game by adding numbers, lettered or even math equations to each one.

Materials needed:

Chalk Couture black marker

Chalk Couture black velvet chalk paste

Chalk Couture handwritten font transfer

A stick


Hot glue gun 

Paper clips

Fun foam

Heavy duty magnets


Any of the chalk Couture above items can be purchased at


  1. With the stick or dowel add the string to the end and hot glue it in place. Then hot glue a magnet to the other end of about 8” of string.
  2. For the fish cut out 2 of each type of fish, I cut out 20 fish. Glue on a paper clip to ten of the fish.  Then on top of that glue the other side of the fish.
  3. Decorate the fish with the black marker as you wish. And then with the handwritten font and the black chalk paste add numbers one to ten on each side of each fish. Let dry and you are done.

Have fun and play with your kids they will  love it.



Brenda Wilkinson

Your independent Chalk Couture designer





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