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This advent calendar takes a little longer to make then most but is a great alternative to the ones you buy in stores. Have your kids help and it will be lots of fun. (I am sorry for the photo,  I have not put it up yet).


Materials Needed:

All kinds of different kinds of designer series paper

Double sided adhesive

Paper crimped

Number stamps or scrapbook paper with number

Ribbon or twine

Hole puncher

Treats to fill them



  1. With 24 piece’s of designer series paper cut 4” x 6” pieces. Add. Double sided adhesive to the two long sides and one short side. Roll up the paper as if it where going to be a toilet paper tube. Then take off the paper on one long side of the tape and the short side. Roll the tube up to make that t-paper roll and press firmly. Take the bottom and press the tape together firmly. Fill your container with treats, can be candy, small toy or just pieces of paper with sayings on them. Take the tape off the other side and press firmly.
  2. With your crimper, crimp both sides, this will insure that it does not come open. Repeat this for all 24 pieces. 
  3. Now we need to make 1 more sour cream container but a big one for the middle. Cut another piece of designer series paper cut 6” x 9”. Repeat just as above.
  4. Punch holes in the top of all the sour cream containers. String each one through except for the large one and then tie off the two ends.
  5. Lastly stamp the numbers 1 through 25 and then cut or punch them out. Then adhere them to each container. With another piece of ribbon or twine string up the last one number 25 and tie it up in the middle of all your containers. Hang this on your wall or even from your fireplace.


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Bring Joy with Brenda

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