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   I love how this snowman box came out. It can be used for a gift filled with lots of goodies or just as a home decor piece.


Paper sizes:

Kraft Card stock 2 cut at 11 1/2” x 11 1/2”

Kraft Card stock cut at 12” x 12”

Kraft card stock cut at 9” x 9”

Brown card stock cut 8” x 8’

Brown card stock cut 6 1/4 x 6 1/4”

Brown card stock cut 5” x 5”

Black card stock cut 7 1/2” x 10 1/2”

Scraps of black, orange, red, green and designer series paper.


Materials needed:


Score board


Score tape

Brown, kraft, black, red, orange card stock and some designer series paper.

Black marker

Snow the fake kind (ha ha) o} a white gel pen

And what ever you will fill it with.



  1. With the two pieces of 11 1/2” x 11 1/2” kraft card stock score it at 5” and 10”, turn and score again at 5” and 10”. Fold all score lines and add double sided adhesive to the middle on all 4 sides fold up the bottom to form the box. Ink up all the edges with brown ink. Write on the front of the box with the basic black marker (Welcome Winter) and then add a 1 3/4” black circle to it.
  2. Now with the piece of brown card stock cut 8” x 8” score it at 1” all the way around and then assemble the cover as you did the box. Ink up all the edges with brown ink. Add a little white chalk pen over that.
  3. Next With the piece of 12” x 12” piece of craft card stock score it at 4” and 8” and turn and repeat. Cut every other score line and assemble the box as before. Ink up the edges in brown ink and then add 2  black 1 3/4” circle to the front.
  4. With the piece of brown that measures 6 1/4” x 6 1/4” score it at 1” all the way around. Assemble as before with tear and tape and ink up with brown ink. Be sure to add white chalk marker over the soft suede so it looks like snow.
  5. With the last piece of kraft card stock score it at 3” and 6” turn and repeat. Assemble as usual and ink up all the edges. To the front add a carrot out of orange card stock  and the eyes and mouth with a black marker. Don’t forget to add a designer series paper scarf the bottom before adding the face. Designer series paper is cut 3/4” x 12 and 2 of them at 1” x 3. Cut fringe on the bottom of the scarf for a great look.
  6. With the last piece of brown 5” x 5” score it at 1” all around and then assemble and ink up as usual.
  7. Next attach the lids to the bottom of the box’s and then add them to the bottom box of each one.
  8. Cut out a 5 1/2” circle and attach it to the cover of the top box. Next with the black piece of card stock 5 1/2” x 10 1/2”. Score with the 5 1/2” at the top at 2 1/2”, 5”, and then turn and score it at 2 1/1”, 5”. 7 1/2”, and 10”. Fold all score lines and cut up both long sides to the score line, cut off both bottom and top 1”. Add tear and tape to the middle 1/2” strip and fold to meet the other side. Fold in both top and bottom flaps securing with tear and tape. Add the box to the circle with tear and tape.
  9. Lastly add snow or white chalk marker on the hat. Also Cut a 12” x 3/4” strip and add around the hat. Cut out a green holly and red berry’s and attach them other the red band in the front.


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Brenda Wilkinson

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